5 Types of Real Estate Social Media Posts You Can Make

Real estate social media content is about establishing visibility and credibility among your target audience. With more than 3 million people holding active real estate licenses in the U.S., it’s critical that you stand out and people know to choose you to help them list or buy a property. Therefore, if you’re at the top of their feed any time they open a social media platform, they’ll remember your name, what you do, and that you’re damn good at it. So, to make an impression and make it count, try these real estate social media content ideas.

1. Short-Form Videos

Once TikTok hit the trending app chart, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest quickly fell into step with the short-form video trend, with short-form videos dominating nearly every social media platform. According to a WooSuite study, at 30%, short-form videos have the highest ROI of any social media content. Luckily for you, the real estate industry has a plethora of content to show and tell. Take your followers on a video tour of your latest listing or lip-sync to a trending sound with funny commentary about the industry.

2. Client Testimonials and Success Stories

Selling or closing on a property isn’t just a testament to you; it’s an achievement for your clients. So, when you share the news, you should congratulate them and focus on how your relationship made the deal happen. Celebrating your clients helps you establish a stronger community, which results in repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals. 

3. Photos and Facts About Your Local Market

Posting about your area and geo-tagging your location means your posts will show up when people search for a place or on an app that considers location to personalize people’s feeds. Educating people about your area’s history, things to do, restaurants, attractions, and other facts will help you appeal to buyers who are considering moving there. As a listing agent, you can leverage these posts to show sellers your reach. 

4. Links to Blog Posts

Publishing blog posts on your website gives you a goldmine of content to share on social media and serves several other purposes. For example, say you write a blog post to guide people through considerations about historic homes for sale. First, this blog post incorporates keywords around historic homes, meaning you’re more likely to show in the search results for this query. Then, you can share the blog post on social media to drive traffic to your website and reinforce the post’s credibility to further enhance your SEO strategy.

Real Estate Robot’s AI copywriting tool helps you master real estate SEO with features like a social media caption, blog post, and listing description generator. Robot automatically incorporates high-volume search terms into your listing descriptions and blog posts based on the property type you’re selling and its location. The more you use the tool, the more likely you are to land on the first page of search results when buyers are looking for that property type. 

5. New Listings, Sold Listings, and Listing Updates

Finally, as a real estate professional, you should take the time to post quality photos and graphics that announce new listings, sold listings, and listing updates. While you might not find a buyer on social media, you will show current and potential clients that you’re busy, active, and making the right moves. Someone will be more likely to list their property for sale with a real estate agent who’s proving their chops.

Streamline the Content Creation Process

Marketing is a critical part of the modern real estate industry. Rifling through information about real estate social media posts, videos, and SEO may feel overwhelming, but there are plenty of resources to streamline the content creation process.

For example, Real Estate Robot has a listing description generator that automatically generates paragraphs of search engine-optimized listing copy for your properties. We also have a blog post generator that helps you write engaging, SEO’d blog copy to accompany your listings. Plus, when you want to share those listings and blogs on social media, you can use Robot’s social media post generator to write them for you too.

Posting on social media may be a necessity, but spending hours doing it is not!