We Got Tired of Real Estate Copywriting Too

Working in the real estate marketing industry for several years taught us a few notable things. First, a solid real estate marketing strategy strikes a delicate balance between promoting yourself and your listings. Second, own your home (thanks, crazy rent prices). Third, no real estate professional actually went into the industry because they really wanted to write a real estate listing description.


As more and more real estate professionals started hiring our agency to write for them, we realized that we didn’t really want to write real estate listing descriptions either. Or blog posts. Or letters. Or social media copy. Real estate marketing is way too nuanced to spend all of your time writing to attract new clients when you wish you could be talking to them instead. We knew there had to be a better way.


We created Real Estate Robot to automate real estate copywriting and help you craft a better real estate listing description that’s already captivating and search-engine-optimized. Then, we decided to apply the same AI copywriting technology to help you write all other kinds of real estate copy too, like social media captions, blog posts, letters, postcards, and more. With Real Estate Robot on your toolbelt, you can spend your time and energy on tasks you actually enjoy. 


Real Estate Robot is the ultimate SEO copywriting hack for how to write listing descriptions. It’s the optimum time-saver for those pesky expired listing letters you dread writing. It’s an effortless way to create quality content that solidifies your name, website, and profiles in the heads of your potential clients.


Save your precious time. Save your commission checks. Real Estate Robot has your back.


– Kayla Klein & Connor Foltyn-Smith
  Founders, Real Estate Robot

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