Best 3 Ways To Promote a New Real Estate Listing Online

Let’s explore a few trending real estate marketing strategies you can use to promote your listing online and get more exposure.

When it comes to real estate marketing, ads in the local paper and “for sale” signs can’t stand alone without a digital strategy to support them. In addition to local ads, signs, and mailers, a properly promoted listing relies on real estate copywriting and SEO, social media, personal branding, and a well crafted-listing description to hit buyers using every medium. Let’s explore a few trending real estate marketing strategies you can use to promote your listing online.

1. Photo Slideshow on Social Media

The popularity of photo slideshows on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok represents a huge win for real estate marketing. What better way to show off all angles of a new listing than posting a bunch of photos?

Furthermore, most social media algorithms favor content that keeps viewers engaged for longer periods, so if you can get someone to flip through a 10-photo slideshow, the algorithm will reward you by showing your content to more people.

2. Behind-The-Scenes Walk-Through Video on Social Media

Short-form videos are another great way to keep your viewers engaged on social media, but the best kinds of videos aren’t highly-produced advertisements; they’re the ones that make viewers feel like they’re experiencing the content with you. Professionally-filmed property tours and raw, behind-the-scenes videos both have a place in your modern real estate marketing strategy, so don’t forget about the latter. Pick up your phone and talk to your audience about the property like you would if they were there for a showing.

3. Property-Specific Advice on Your Blog

In addition to promoting a listing, your real estate marketing strategy should provide value to people visiting your site and existing audience members. The longer you keep someone on your website, the more likely they are to click on your properties for sale.

One way to nurture audience members and provide value is by writing blog posts addressing common queries about the types of properties you have for sale. For example, if your new listing is a fixer-upper, you can write a blog post about “How To Know If a Fixer-Upper is a Good Deal.” In the blog post, you can answer this question and use it to subtly hint at your fixer-upper listing.

Always Start By Writing a Listing Description

A marketable real estate listing always starts by writing a listing description packed full of keywords that answers everything a potential buyer wants to know about the property. You can promote your listing on social media and your blog as much as you want, but you need a place to drive all the traffic.

With that, Real Estate Robot can help. Think of our real estate copywriting tool as a replacement for your archaic, short, and limited listing description template. With our tool, you answer some questions about your property for sale and region, and Robot generates a unique listing description with keywords for SEO in seconds. Try it out for yourself today.

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