FAQs About Our SEO Listing Description Writer and Other Copywriting Tools

Real Estate Robot isn’t your average real estate listing description writer. Robot doesn’t just use AI to write incredible property descriptions, blog posts, letters, social media captions, and other types of copy. Real Estate Robot is a tool designed by real estate professionals for real estate professionals to generate detailed, unique, search-engine-optimized copy for any property type, region, or application. Browse our FAQs to learn more about why Robot is the perfect solution for writing a real estate listing description and more.


  • Why should I choose Real Estate Robot over other real estate copywriting services?
    Real Estate Robot saves you time, money, and headache. When it comes to real estate copywriting, you need a tool that’s fast, affordable, and functional for the property types you sell. Real Estate Robot delivers on all three. We developed a listing description generator that crafts paragraphs of compelling listing copy about your property and integrates high-volume keywords for your property type and location in a matter of seconds. Consistently using Real Estate Robot for writing a real estate listing description will help your real estate website rank higher when potential buyers are searching for properties that match the search specifications. We make real estate copywriting work for you and your website for years to come.
  • How does Real Estate Robot’s listing description generator work?
    Real Estate Robot uses user-input data and AI technology to become a powerful listing description generator for real estate professionals. Our strategically designed communication system with groundbreaking AI technology improves your efficiency and the effectiveness of content creation while reducing the need for human involvement. Using Real Estate Robot’s listing description generator is simple. First, we take you through several screens of prompts to gather information about your property for sale. Once we have that information, we’ve developed a strategic way to interpret that information, categorize it, feed it to an AI language model, and instruct the AI language model to output a detailed, unique search-engine-optimized listing description. Because of how we designed our questions and communication system, our listing description generator will never produce the same piece of real estate copy twice. In fact, you can even produce multiple variations of descriptions for the same property, allowing you to share a unique listing description on every website.
  • What are the benefits of using Real Estate Robot for copywriting?
    There are several benefits of using Real Estate Robot as a listing description writer, including:
    • Improved efficiency: Real Estate Robot can generate well-written, search-engine-optimized copy faster than humans, allowing you to produce more content in less time.
    • Consistency: Real Estate Robot consistently produces well-written, search-engine-optimized listing copy using high-search-volume keywords to improve writing, clarity, and SEO across your website and other mediums.
    • Cost savings: Real Estate Robot reduces the need for hiring and paying human copywriters, which means you can keep more of your commission check.
    • Customization: Real Estate Robot writes listing descriptions unique and relevant to your property for sale. Rather than generating a generic description for a “2-bedroom, 2-bathroom house in Colorado”, Real Estate Robot generates a specific description for a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom, brick house on a concrete foundation, with a recently updated roof, in the downtown area of Denver, Colorado, which is known for XYZ perks, and so on…”
    • SEO: Real Estate Robot optimizes listing descriptions for search engines and can be used to help improve your website’s overall performance.
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  • Can’t search engines recognize AI-generated copy? Isn’t it bad for your website’s ranking?
    The reason why a search engine would flag a piece of copy as “AI-generated” is because it recognizes enough similar language patterns to the millions of other AI-generated pieces of copy out there. Typically, the only reason a piece of AI-generated copy would be so generic to contain those similar language patterns is that the prompt given to AI to generate the copy wasn’t specific enough. For example, if you ask AI to “Write me a listing description for a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home in Casper, Wyoming”, AI is going to spit out a very generic chunk of copy that could likely be applied to any 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home for sale across the nation. This means that the content isn’t very unique, and it’s not only likely to be recognized as AI-generated but also may register as duplicate content across your site and the many others who used a similar AI prompt and tool. On the other hand, Real Estate Robot takes you through several screens of questions to gather loads of information about your property for sale. When you hit the “Generate” button, it lumps your answers to all of those questions into a giant, completely unique prompt for AI that nobody is ever going to have again. The result is a chunk of copy that is totally unique and specific to your property, that will never appear on anyone else’s website. The likelihood of a search engine recognizing that totally unique, specific chunk of copy as AI-generated is pretty low. Furthermore, Real Estate Robot injects your listing description with high-volume keywords based on the property type you select, bolstering your SEO strategy rather than hindering it.
  • Does Real Estate Robot write unique copy every time?
    Yes, Real Estate Robot generates unique copy every time you use it! That means you’ll never see the same listing description generated twice (even for the same property), and you’ll never see the same listing description on someone else’s website. Real Estate Robot customizes the output to your property for sale and your location. As with any AI-powered copywriting tool, however, the level of uniqueness can vary depending on the inputs provided by the user. For example, if the input data is limited or contains repetitive information, the generated copy may not be as unique or varied. Similarly, if the task is very complex or requires complex creativity, the copy may not be as unique as human-generated copy. The copy generated by Real Estate Robot may not always match the level of uniqueness and creativity that humans can produce, may occasionally generate incorrect information, and may occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content.
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