Can’t search engines recognize AI-generated copy? Isn’t it bad for your website’s ranking?

The reason why a search engine would flag a piece of copy as “AI-generated” is because it recognizes enough similar language patterns to the millions of other AI-generated pieces of copy out there. Typically, the only reason a piece of AI-generated copy would be so generic to contain those similar language patterns is that the prompt given to AI to generate the copy wasn’t specific enough.

For example, if you ask AI to “Write me a listing description for a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home in Casper, Wyoming”, AI is going to spit out a very generic chunk of copy that could likely be applied to any 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home for sale across the nation. This means that the content isn’t very unique, and it’s not only likely to be recognized as AI-generated but also may register as duplicate content across your site and the many others who used a similar AI prompt and tool.

On the other hand, Real Estate Robot takes you through several screens of questions to gather loads of information about your property for sale. When you hit the “Generate” button, it lumps your answers to all of those questions into a giant, completely unique prompt for AI that nobody is ever going to have again. The result is a chunk of copy that is totally unique and specific to your property, that will never appear on anyone else’s website. The likelihood of a search engine recognizing that totally unique, specific chunk of copy as AI-generated is pretty low.

Furthermore, Real Estate Robot injects your listing description with high-volume keywords based on the property type you select, bolstering your SEO strategy rather than hindering it.

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