How To Create a Real Estate SEO Strategy

If you're a real estate pro looking to climb higher in search results, here are a few ideas to improve your real estate SEO strategy.

SEO, or search engine optimization, involves improving a website’s visibility within organic search engine results. In other words, SEO ensures your website about real estate marketing tools shows up when people search for “real estate marketing tools”.

A solid real estate SEO strategy helps real estate agents showcase properties for sale to prospective buyers and provide relevant information about their services to potential clients in their locale. Real estate agents can optimize their websites for specific property types and locations. For example, a real estate agent specializing in selling cabin properties around Big Bear Lake, California, can optimize their website for searches like “properties for sale in Big Bear” or “cabins Big Bear”.

If you’re a real estate professional looking to climb higher in search results, here are a few ideas to improve your real estate SEO strategy.

Use Property-Type Specific Keywords in Your Listing Descriptions

Real estate agents can create more effective listing descriptions by incorporating keywords that help buyers find specific property types in specific locations. For example, real estate agents can structure their listing descriptions to include phrases like “ranch-style home for sale in Colorado” or “luxury condo for sale in San Diego”.

The catch with real estate SEO is including keywords and phrases that your target audience is actually searching for. Perhaps the phrase “luxury condo for sale in San Diego” only receives 100 monthly searches, while the similar phrase “luxury condo for sale San Diego” receives 100,000. A real estate agent would see better results using the phrase with a higher search volume.

Write Blog Posts To Give Your Website More Credibility

While search-engine optimized listing descriptions drive traffic from buyers to listings, blog posts position the author as an industry expert to establish credibility among potential clients. Just as you can find out what property-specific terms people are searching for, you can also discover their most frequently searched questions about the real estate industry. Then, you can write a blog post addressing the question, including helpful tips for potential buyers and sellers, such as how to prepare a home for sale, how to find the best mortgage rate, or what to look for in a real estate agent.

Let Real Estate Robot Do The Legwork

We created Real Estate Robot to take the guesswork out of writing search-engine-optimized copy for your listing descriptions, blog posts, and other web content. With our AI copywriting tool, you fill out some details about the property, and we generate a keyword-rich listing description or blog post for you. Logically, the more you use our tool, the more likely your website will start ranking for property type and location-related real estate searches.

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