We’re Not Selling AI; We’re Selling AI Copywriting Strategy

How do you know you didn't miss communicating a vital detail about your listing that helps it shine on the market?

Hey, it’s Kayla, one of the co-founders and developers of Real Estate Robot. I’m going to be candid in this blog post because I keep hearing the same thing from everyone I talk to about AI copywriting, and I feel like a broken record. It’s this: “I already know how to use AI. I’ve been playing with ChatGPT.”

Everyone Else Uses ChatGPT Too

Just because you’re using a tool available to everyone on the internet doesn’t make you an expert. Water pipes are available to everyone at the hardware store. Are you also an expert plumber? What about the paintbrushes you bought at Hobby Lobby? Are you a professional artist now too?

ChatGPT is incredible. I get it. But welcome to the masses. Everyone’s using ChatGPT. And if everyone’s using something, it loses its novelty. It means everything you make with ChatGPT sounds exactly like what everyone else is making with ChatGPT. It also means that the new internet will get over-saturated with ChatGPT-generated content, so your content will be 100x harder to find. And the more the internet gets over-saturated with ChatGPT-generated content, the more ChatGPT will start pulling information to generate new content from content that it already generated. Gone will be uniqueness. Gone will be accuracy. Gone will be human input.

Using ChatGPT as a Listing Description Generator

ChatGPT wasn’t designed to be your end-all-be-all AI copywriting tool, especially for an industry like real estate where your copy must be search-engine-optimized and accurate to your listing details. It’s a language model. Yes, arguably the smartest one. But it was designed to communicate with the masses, not for a specific industry or application. 

Say you want to use ChatGPT as a listing description generator. First, you need to spend time telling it all about your listing. Then, you need to spend more time doing keyword research to identify high-volume terms related to your property. Then, you need to spend even more time editing the output for accuracy and adding those keywords into it.

Say you plan to share your listing description on multiple websites. You shouldn’t use the same copy because that’s detrimental to your SEO. So, you have to ask ChatGPT to write you another five listing descriptions for the same property. Then, you have to spend even more time copying and pasting those listing descriptions into a document you can edit and reference later. 

Sure, ChatGPT functioned as a listing description generator, but how much time did it really save you? Furthermore, how do you know you didn’t miss communicating a vital detail about your listing that helps it shine on the market?

What Makes Real Estate Robot Different?

We created Real Estate Robot to address those questions and fill the gaps. Real Estate Robot uses the same backend AI engine as ChatGPT, but it also includes additional features exclusive to real estate that save you time and optimize your outputs for search engines and other delivery platforms.

On your Real Estate Robot Dashboard, you can save details about your listings, information on the regions you serve, and data about yourself, your team, and your specialties. Then, you can easily reuse that information to write listing descriptions, blog posts, social media copy, letters, emails, postcards, and other marketing assets.

Robot makes it easy to save listing details to your Dashboard and ensures you never miss something important. We created an input form that dynamically asks you questions based on the type of property you’re listing: acreage, commercial property, healthcare facility, home on acreage, industrial property, commercial land, medical facility, multi-family building, multi-family home, office building, retail space, single-family home, special-purpose property, vacant lot.

Not only does Real Estate Robot remember these details, but it uses the information you provide about your listings to integrate high-volume keywords into your website content and trending hashtags into your social media content.

To see Real Estate Robot in action, check out this video we made that explains how to enter listing, region, and professional information, and demonstrates using our listing description generator and social media post generator tools:

Real Estate Robot Uses AI for Functional Copywriting

Now the candidness I mentioned earlier. I get frustrated when people hear me mention AI and assume I’ll tell them about ChatGPT, but they’re not interested because they’re already using it. I’m well aware that ChatGPT is an incredibly powerful language-learning model. I’m not trying to downplay that. 

But I’m not trying to sell a ChatGPT clone. Real Estate Robot isn’t even on the same playing field. What I am trying to sell is a streamlined, tested, proven way to communicate with AI to optimize your real estate outputs. Real Estate Robot isn’t AI. Real Estate Robot uses AI and carefully-crafted strategy to make AI copywriting faster and more functional. We’ve developed something specific to the real estate industry. Something that remembers your critical listing details. Something that guarantees the copy it writes doesn’t just take up space on your website but actually bolsters your SEO strategy. Something to help you get more out of artificial intelligence.

So, before you buy those water pipes and call yourself a plumber, at least make sure you know the best way to install them…