Why SEO Is Important For Real Estate Agents

You’re attending community events, running ads, and handing your card out to every local business. You may think your local real estate marketing strategy is stellar, but you’re missing out on one critical element: real estate SEO. Whereas events, ads, and business cards work well that day if someone is interested in your services, SEO is evergreen. Integrating keywords into your real estate copywriting ensures your website shows up whenever a prospect needs your services. Plus, the more you write, the higher your website moves up in the search results. 

1. You Want People To Find Your Properties For Sale

A real estate SEO strategy helps to ensure your website shows up when buyers search for a specific property type in a specific location. For example, if you’re selling a cabin home in Colorado, you want buyers to find your listing when they search “cabin home for sale in Colorado”. The more you use the phrase “cabin home for sale in Colorado” on your website, the more likely it is to show up on the first page of results.

You must be careful to only use keywords and phrases that match what buyers are searching for. Let’s say the phrase “cabin home for sale in Colorado” gets roughly 10K searches per month, the phrase “cabin home for sale Colorado” gets 100K searches per month, and the phrase “log cabin homes for sale in Colorado,” only gets 1K searches per month. You want to emphasize using keywords and phrases with higher search volumes to ensure your website shows up for more people. You can use a tool like our listing description generator to automatically insert high-volume search terms and phrases into your listing copy.

2. You Want People To Use Your Website as a Resource

While using property-type specific keywords helps your website ranks for the properties you’re selling, you can also use broader key phrases to reach a wider audience pool. It’s important to strike a balance between reaching buyers searching for properties now and others who are not necessarily ready to buy now but may want to retain your services in the future because they find value in your insights.

You can provide value to people by using your website to answer commonly asked questions within your industry. For example, you can write a blog post to answer the question, “What Are The Most Important Features of a Colorado Cabin?” Within the said blog post, you can use the cabin-related keywords mentioned above, so it’s working double-time to promote your website to a general audience and niche real estate buyers.

Real Estate Robot’s blog post generator greatly reduces the time and energy you have to spend blogging. You answer a few questions about your property, services, and locations, and Robot creates a search-engine-optimized, actionable blog post for you. That way, buyers can find your website and get in touch. 

3. You Want To Show Sellers That You Rank on Google

Having a high-ranking website is a fantastic way to get buyers to click on your listings, and you can leverage this statement to show potential sellers why they should list their properties for sale with you.

Sticking with the cabin example, let’s say a potential seller wants to list their $1 million cabin property for sale. They’re trying to decide between listing with you or another broker. You, however, have been using Real Estate Robot to insert cabin-related keywords into your listing copy, and you’ve been writing blog posts to answer commonly-searched questions about cabin properties. Thanks to this real estate SEO strategy, your website is on the first page of search results for cabin-related queries, and the other broker’s site is nowhere to be found. With which broker do you think the seller wants to list their property now?

Foolproof Real Estate SEO Strategy

At the end of the day, a basic real estate SEO strategy boils down to using the same words on your website as buyers are searching on Google (and other search engines). Using the Real Estate Robot listing description generator and blog post generator is a great place to start because Robot automatically writes your listing copy and blog content with the best keywords for your property type and location. The more you use our tools, the more likely your website is to rank for those keywords and show up for real estate buyers online.

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